This API is used to generate premint NFT assets that can be redeemed later.

Required Parameters :-

publishItem - publishItem will be true. for upload asset details on pinata

edition - no. of copies

toAddress - Receiver wallet address

tokenDetails - Details for PreMint Asset as follow -

tokenId - Desired token ID for the NFT mint

collectionName - collectionName for your asset details. This is the Name of the collection for the asset. This field is optional

jsonDetails - All json data as follow -

description - description for the asset

external_url - This is the URL that will appear below the asset's image on OpenSea and will allow users to leave OpenSea and view the item on your site.

image - This is the URL to the image of the item

name - Name of the item

attributes - These are the attributes for the item, which will show up on the OpenSea page for the item as follow -

trait_type - Traits are special properties on the item

value - Value of trait

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