This API is used by the customer to request ERC1155 type NFT mints from the smart contract.

Required Parameters :-

toAddress - This is the initial wallet address to which the NFT will be directly minted

noOfCopies - This is the number of fungible copies to be created for the same token

blockchainType - Blockchain network to be used:

0 for Ethereum and
1 for Polygon

networkType - network type for the specified blockchain:

For BlockchainType Ethereum:

0 for Ethereum Mainnet
1 for Ropsten Testnet
2 for Rinkeby Testnet

For BlockchainType Polygon:

0 for Polygon Mainnet
1 for Polygon Mumbai

tokenId - Desired token ID for the NFT mint

Uri - This is the uri for the metadata for the NFT

smartContractSymbol - This is the symbol of the smart contract

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